Networking Services

IT & Network Maintenance

Whether you need new users set-up on an existing network, or a new network to set them up on, Meyernet Consulting can help with all your networking and IT needs. We can keep your machines running free from viruses, install and up-grade servers, add or remove computers from your existing network, install remote access to enable work from home, and any other need you might have.

Server Setup

There are many different types of servers (file, web, terminal, and exchange email just to name a few). Meyernet Consulting can help keep your existing server running at peak efficiency. We can evaluate your needs and recommend a plan. We can also design a new network and server that meets your needs.

Network Security

In the last few years, the frequency and severity of attacks on businesses by hackers, spammers, and internet spies has risen dramatically. If your company has a high-speed, broadband, or dedicated internet connection, then you may be at risk. Protecting your company from these impending problems is crucial.

Remote Access

The need to obtain information quickly from any location is essential to managing your business. An effective remote access solution needs to be as reliable for an end user as if they were in the office, while upholding strict security standards. Meyernet Consulting can design and implement a remote access solution that addresses your unique business needs.

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